Connecting Watch Professionals & Enthusiasts

Nowadays everyone is very busy and time is limited, we gather watch related services, businesses, organizations and material in one single place, our platform. ProChronos offers different services and information to connect, trade and share watch related material.

ProChronos operates currently in the European Union countries due to the business verification processes. The goal is to expand the services to global markets in the near future.

ProChronos Founded in 2017

ProChronos was founded in 2017 and was first developed to European watch dealers to help them to make quick sales of their walk-in customers’ watches without taking the risks of buying in-store stock. ProChronos B2B was launched in December 2018.

After launching we gained several requests from consumers and repairers. Therefore, in Spring 2019 we started to develop and expand the platform. Now we are happy to be able to offer many more services for wider audience. ProChronos was relaunched in November 2019 with the new concept.

Services & Development

There is evidence (several market research reports) to suggests that luxury watch market is on the rise and expected to rise in the next few years to come.  There is a growing trend in luxury watches and the number of watch enthusiasts and collectors is increasing worldwide among both men and women.

One reason why this market is an ongoing, secure and resistant market, is because the value of luxury watches remains even after its purchase and usage. This kind of information and research indicates that watch enthusiasts will keep on trading their watches and see luxury watches as a beautiful, meaningful & exclusive hobby and also as a good investment. Therefore, watch professionals and enthusiasts are and will be busy with trading watches in the next several years to come.

Currently we offer 7 main services:

Flash, Watch and Part Auctions, Watch and Part Hunt, WatchCalendar and WatchMedia (social media).


Enthusiasts ALL services are FREE! 

Businesses currently the Memberships are FREE.

In the near future we will require a reasonable monthly membership fee from businesses, this will be announced beforehand on the website.

Reinforcing Intercultural Values, Integrity & Quality

Because ProChronos platform and services are developed for international users, we value intercultural professionalism where respect for international relations, different cultures, connections and shared knowledge are the key for business, sharing and networking.

We also value integrity in business which includes open, honest and direct trading and communication. We also require and promote high quality products from all of our users.

Preventing Illegal Activity

We want to offer our users a platform where trusted and safe trading of products and information can be practiced. This is why we have a verification process for all businesses. We are also working on a process that verifies all enthusiasts on the platform.

If any of our users notice unfair or illegal trading or other issues on our platform, please inform us and it will be investigated. We do not want any unethical practices on ProChronos!

We also want to prevent fraud and theft on the watch markets by educating and informing our users on safe trading practises. Therefore, we co-operate with The Watch Register and encourage our users to use Watch Register’s services by reporting any stolen or lost watches, and checking pre-owned watches before finalising purchases.


“To Gather and Offer Watch Related Services and Material for Watch Professionals and Enthusiasts”


“Trusted International Luxury Watch Platform with All Kinds of Watch Related Services”

– ProChronos will provide watch professionals and enthusiasts a large international luxury watch platform where they can access and use all kinds of different watch related services, information and material from one single platform.

– To provide secure and safe business and social network, where different high-quality technology services are offered in order to speed up luxury watch trading, information and social sharing worldwide.

– Continuous development for high quality, automatized top technology services, and new innovative functions to benefit the global luxury watch market.


ProChronos is a family business. Siru Leinonen is the Founder and CEO of ProChronos and Kaarina Leinonen is the Co-Founder.

Siru has extensive work experience from different professional fields and holds higher educational studies from 3 different universities in Finland, Germany and Netherlands. She specializes on developing new concepts, improving work processes and creative problem solving. She has also a very international background and has lived in 7 European countries.

“I am lucky to have a such international background because I know the value of international relations and connections. I want to develop new innovative concepts, methods and products that benefit and help people enjoy their lives. The watch industry is very vast and I can’t wait to see what more we can offer to the international watch communities.”

“What fascinates me the most about watches are their stories and the sentimental value in them. I see them as precious timepieces that hold on to special memories and feelings, which can be passed on to the next generation or to the people you care about.”


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