Prochronos is All About Providing Services That Help Dealers Increase Their Sales


Prochronos is a new and unique online sales services (December 2018) developed exclusively for professional watch dealers. It functions as a platform to sell and buy luxury watches. It is designed to improve watch dealers’ daily sales, reduce risks of buying in-store stock and minimize the risk of losing their customers. We also offer services where dealers can sell their stock watches, leave and match requests for watches from their customers.

Prochronos operates currently in the European Union countries due to the business verification processes. The goal is to expand the services to global markets in the near future.


Prochronos Founded in 2017


Prochronos was founded in 2017. After a careful research on watch dealers and market research reports in the 2017, it became evident that there was a need for an online service for watch dealers that aids them in their daily sales in order to meet their customers’ demands.

During our research it became obvious that many dealers had walk in customers who wanted to sell their valuable watch, but many times the dealers did not want to take the risk of buying the watch in their store-stock. Therefore, the dealers ended up losing multiple deals from the same customer: buying and reselling their customer’s watch and selling the customer a new watch from their store collection.

Another problem was that many dealers had watches but not the right customers for them or the dealers had customers but not the right watches that they were looking for.

Therefore Prochronos was developed to offer solutions to these problems by providing services where dealers can communicate and share their business opportunities with many other dealers at once and profit together from it.

While studying international market research on luxury watches, the researched also indicated that there is a growing trend in luxury watches and an increase in the number of watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide among both men and women. Several market research reports also suggest that the luxury watch market is on the rise and that the global luxury watch market is expected to grow annually by 1.2 – 3.0% in the next few years (The Global Luxury Watch Market Report 2017-2021 by Wise Guy Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Statista The Statistics Portal CARG 2018-2021).

Perhaps the reason why this market is an ongoing, secure and resistant market, is because the value of luxury watches remains even after its purchase and usage. Therefore, consumers keep trading their watches and see luxury watches also as good investments.

This kind information and research indicates that watch dealers are and will be busy with watch trading from consumers in the next several years to come. Therefore, dealers will be needing services just like the ones we offer at Prochronos in order to keep up with the demand of their customers and in order to speed up their sales.


Services and Development


In the beginning of Prochronos, 5 main services were designed; Minute, Hourly and Daily Auctions, Requests and Leave Requests. However, Prochronos is under a constant development for additional services which are aimed to serve and benefit our users in the best possible manner. Therefore, we encourage our users to send us feedback on our services and requests for additional functions.


Prochronos Reinforces Intercultural Values, Integrity and Quality


Because Prochronos platform and services are developed for international dealers, we value intercultural professionalism where respect for international relations, different cultures, connections and shared professional knowledge are the key for business.

We also value integrity in business which includes open, honest and direct trading and communication. We also require and promote high quality products from our users.

We want to offer our users a “Watch Dealers International Circle of Trust“ where trusted and safe trading can be practiced. If any of our users notice unfair or illegal trading or other issues, please inform us and it will be investigated. We do not want any unethical practices on Prochronos.


Prochronos Mission


“To Offer Sales Services for Watch Dealers in Order to Speed Up Their Everyday Sales by Sharing Their Business Opportunities and Profit Together From it”.


Prochronos Vision


“Watch Dealers International Circle of Trust”

– Prochronos will provide watch dealers a large global international secure business network, where different high-quality services and sales tools are offered in order to speed up luxury watch trading worldwide.

– Continuous development for high quality, automatized top technology services, and new innovative working tools to benefit the global luxury watch market.